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How do I reject messages that don't have a Message-ID header? How do I fix MUAs that don't supply a Message-ID?.. qend


How to check for it

RFC2822 says a Message-ID header SHOULD be present. Sometimes the lack of a Message-ID is a spam indicator, so you might want to reject messages which don't have a message-ID.

In the ACL that runs when the message body is inspected near the top put:

# Check for the presence of a Message-Id: header, which RFC2822 says SHOULD be present.
# Some broken or misconfigured mailer software occasionally omits this from genuine  
# messages too, though -- although it's not hard for the offender to fix 
# after they receive a bounce because of it.
deny    condition  = ${if !def:h_Message-ID: {1}}
        message    = RFC2822 says that all mail SHOULD have a Message-ID header.\n\
                     Most messages without it are spam, so your mail has been rejected.

This may be named acl_check_data in which case you will have a line acl_smtp_data = acl_check_data near the top of the config file.

MUA/MTAs that have known problems

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