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I used gv 3.5.8 (ghostview) to try printing spec.ps. After every printed page, the printer ejects a blank sheet. Is this something to do with using letter > rather than A4 paper?


This seems to be an effect of using ghostview. Although the PostScript_ is generated for A4 pages, the size of the page images is such that they should fit on a letter page (they are shorter than would normally be used on A4 paper). If the PostScript_ file is sent directly to a PostScript_ printer, there is no problem. An alternative is to get hold of the psutils toolset, which is available from ftp://ftp.dcs.ed.ac.uk/pub/psutils/psutils.tar.gz. It contains utilities for extracting pages (which can be useful for double-sided printing) and for resizing pages. If you resize from A4 to letter the text shrinks a bit, but should then be printable via ghostview.