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When I send a message using the -t command line option, Exim sends only to the addresses within the message, not to those on the command line.


There seems to be some confusion in the Sendmail community about the interpretation of recipient addresses on the command line if the -t option is used. Some versions do one thing, and some another. Here is an except from one version of the Sendmail documentation for -t: Read message for recipients. To:, Cc:, and Bcc: lines will be scanned for recipient addresses. The Bcc: line will be deleted before transmission. Any addresses in the argument list will be suppressed, that is, they will not receive copies even if listed in the message header. By default Exim follows this specification, and interprets addresses on the command line as addresses not to send to. You can set

extract_addresses_remove_arguments = false

to change this behaviour so that command line addresses are added to the addresses that are taken from the header lines.

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