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I can't seem to find a pre-built version of Exim anywhere. The machine is a Sparc 5 running Solaris 2.6.


The primary distribution is source-only. However, some people have built and distributed RPMs and debs for Linux systems, and ports for FreeBSD. I haven't heard of anyone doing this for Solaris. The main problem with binary distributions is that there are a number of build-time options, requiring the answers to questions like: . Which DBM library do you have? (On Solaris probably ndbm, but no easy default on some other systems.) . Which uid/gid do you want to use for Exim? . Where do you want the configuration file to be? (Many different answers, even on the same OS, depending on local policy.) . Ditto for the binaries. . Which optional bits of Exim do you want to include?