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Exim and RT (Request Tracker) 3

This was motivated by the fact that we need to have RT3.x work transparently with Exim 4.x, so that there is no need to create aliases for the queue addresses. The motivation was to have RTIR integrate seamlessly into my rt-3.4 installation. The problem I faced was the fact that RTIR created a queue whose name had spaces - "Incident Reports", as opposed to my other queues whose names consisted of a single word.

We therefore had the router/transport re-worked to also handle queues with spaces. The key changes are:

  • The "does this queue exist" now ignores disabled lists
  • The queue name to use is now pulled from the mysql database instead of the e-mail address, allowing queues to have a name different from the e-mail address, and allowing queues to have a name with spaces.
# This query is used to pull the queue name from the database

                  WHERE CorrespondAddress = '${quote_mysql:$local_part}@${quote_mysql:$domain}'\
                  AND Disabled = '0'

# This domainlist is to specify the domains for which we run RT

domainlist rt3_domains = rt.mydomain.tld

# Our RT URL

RT3_URL = http://rt.mydomain.tld/

# This is the transport used for RT

  driver         = pipe
  allow_commands = /opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate

# This the new router for RT3

  driver            = redirect
  domains           = +rt3_domains
  local_parts       = mysql;QUEUENAME_QUERY
  local_part_suffix = -comment
  pipe_transport    = request_tracker3_pipe
  data              = "|/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate \
                       --queue \"${lookup mysql{QUEUENAME_QUERY}}\" \
                       --action ${substr_1:${if eq{$local_part_suffix}{}\
                       {-correspond}{$local_part_suffix}} } \
                       --url RT3_URL"
  user              = www

If there are more suffixes supported/needed than -comment, these could be added to the local_part_suffix list, colon separated.

This configuration has been tested by myself on FreeBSD and it works for all intents and purposes.

For a Debian-ized version of this HOWTO, Debian users can refer to the following URL:

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