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To Be Filed

This page is an initial linking ground for pages whilst we sort out how to group things together. The intention is that pages be linked into here if you do not know where else to link them, we can then shift the links onto more appropriate pages later. This means its probably a good idea to start off new topic areas by linking them on here...

  • ArticlesWorthConverting is a place to put links to mailing list messages or other sources that have information that should be converted into the wiki, or at least linked to from elsewhere.

  • Debian GNU/Linux uses exim as its default MTA which is installed on almost every Debian system. DebianExim3 is a place where you can find information about the Debian exim 3 packages; DebianExim4 has information about Debian packaging for exim4. Please refer to this pages before asking questions about exim on Debian on [](

  • Add stuff here....

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