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@c-dega c-dega released this Mar 28, 2019

This update contains lots of major and minor changes across the board.


  • Less scrolling is involved when selecting a function, and the UI has been improved

View & Send

  • The active wallet card is sleeker and info is displayed more clearly
  • Revamped address book UI
  • The recent transactions tab is back and better than ever, with a streamlined look


  • Items have been reordered to have most commonly used items on top
  • Top headings now have a new, unified appearance
  • Tabs within sections have a new look and are now integrated into the top heading
  • There's a new dropdown in place of a slide out panel for network and node selection
  • The help button is now in the bottom left corner of the sidebar

Wallets & Transactions

  • Wallet sign in flow has been revamped
  • The simple transaction fee interface has been given a facelift
  • Icons have been added to each wallet type
  • Generating a wallet no longer suggests buying a hardware wallet - you can get straight to generating a wallet
  • Seed phrase generation flow has been improved
  • Completely redesigned paper wallet

UX and UI Improvements

  • Updated Inter font to v3.3
  • Improved button styling
  • Improved address selector styling
  • Improved input field styling
  • Window sizing has been slightly adjusted
  • Notifications have an updated look and no longer obscure the left sidebar
  • Modals are now centered and have a softer, less harsh overlay
  • The active node, in addition to the active network, is now shown in the left sidebar
  • Lots of messaging improvements to improve clarity.
  • New app icon to match mobile app
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Fixed link to submit issues to Github
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@c-dega c-dega released this Feb 4, 2019 · 347 commits to develop since this release

Notable Changes

  • There's a shiny new nav
  • Removed a few unnecessary assets
  • Updated Inter UI font with latest version. Kerning and font weights will look nicer to those with keen eyes.
  • You'll notice a new logo and icon
  • Removed Ledger support (for now)
  • Empty states should look a bit more pleasing now
  • New headings are being slowly implemented
  • Default window size has been adjusted
  • Added transaction executor nodes as default connection nodes. Now, you won't need to (but still have the option to) run a node locally to establish a connection to the network.
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@andreweximchain andreweximchain released this Jan 23, 2019 · 366 commits to develop since this release

Notable Changes

  • Some code cleanups regarding functions that were no longer being used.
  • Added the weyl governance contract.
  • Changed previous governance contract to be more appropriately named as "block voting contract".
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@andreweximchain andreweximchain released this Oct 4, 2018 · 377 commits to develop since this release

Eximchain Wallet is an interface for generating and managing Eximchain wallets. This is Eximchain Wallet's first beta release reconfigured from MyCrypto v1.3.0. There are still some bugs regarding Ledger support, so please use at your own risk.

Please post issues regarding bugs at

Notable Changes

  • We've done a significant amount of work to try and make the UI simpler, cleaner, and easier to use. We hope you like it, and there're a lot of other updates in the pipeline. Enjoy!
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