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Another binary release of our original code release with user experience improvements! This one includes installers for both Windows and OSX. Thanks to @john-osullivan for his work putting these installers together.


New Mac OS X installer: EximNode Setup.pkg installs all required files and settings for running an EximNode, all through an easy interface. will be in your Applications folder in a minute. No more downloading binaries and running the command yourself, it has all been wrapped up with a bow.

New Windows Installer: EximNode Setup.exe installs all required files and settings for running an EximNode — it even puts a shortcut in your Start Menu. This automates the remaining setup required with the previous files, no more copying into Program Files and manually editing Environment Variables.

Upgrade Protocol: These two installers do not modify any saved chain data, so even if you have run the node before, you can safely download and run these to get full-fledged EximNode applications.


Hotfix: Fixes an incorrect pathname bug in the Window's program EximClean, an additional utility used for resetting the local chain state.

3/19/2019: Bootnode list in Windows and OS X installers updated with new fixed bootnode IPs.

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Binaries are now signed!

Additionally, this release includes a zip archive to make the software easier to run on Windows. Instructions on how to use the zip archive can be found here.

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This version 1.0.0 initial release for Eximchain is the official initial software release at the time of token swap. This release includes pre-compiled binaries for the following platforms:

  • exim-darwin-10.6-amd64
  • exim-linux-386
  • exim-linux-amd64
  • exim-linux-arm-5
  • exim-linux-arm-6
  • exim-linux-arm-7
  • exim-linux-arm64
  • exim-linux-mips64
  • exim-linux-mips64le
  • exim-windows-4.0-386
  • exim-windows-4.0-amd64

We are deprecating support for darwin-386 due to 32 bit platforms no longer being produced or supported by Apple.

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