Classes for easy integration with Wistia's Data API.
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  • Author: Thorne N. Melcher (GitHub: ExistentialEnso)
  • License: LGPL v3 (see LICENSE.txt)
  • Version: 2.0-b1

This library is designed to help streamline integration of PHP web apps with Wistia's video hosting service. The functionality is by no means complete, but it helps make it near-effortless to create and manage projects, upload videos, etc. This project is not officially affiliated with Wistia in any way, and it is provided as-is with no warranty.

A Wistia account with data API access (usually limited to non-free accounts) is required to use this library. The key/password provided in your account settings page must be passed to the Account object in order to enable access. For more information about how this API works, check out Wistia's own documentation files (