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npm Packages

This is still a draft and not listed on the main readme.


  • react - Intuitive frontend framework for building web UIs.
  • react-native - Build React apps that compile to native iOS or Android apps.
  • electron - Create cross-platform Windows & Mac apps.


  • dotenv - Load environmental variables from an env file.
  • download-git-repo - Easily clone Git repos programatically.
  • local-devices - Convenient wrapper for using arp to get data about local devices.
  • moment - Super powerful library for interacting with dates/times.
  • ncp - Clone one directory to another.
  • pluralize - Easily pluralize/singularize words.
  • validator - Easy way to check if something is an valid email address, URL, etc.


  • babel - Useful for transpiling to older JS versions for compatibility.
  • webpack - Extremely powerful way to configure build processes for JS projects.


  • react-a11y - Get warnings about accessibility issues in React apps the browser console.

CLI Tools

  • broken-link-checker - Scan a website for broken links.
  • nodemon - Restart node apps when file changes are detected.
  • sloc - Determine how many lines of code a project has.