Exiv2 v0.28

Updated Oct 17, 2018

This is the next major release of Exiv2. It would be wonderful for the v0.28 API to become the API of Exiv2 1.0. So the aim is to complete the API that we believe will be offered by Exiv2 1.0 in 2020.

The code will be "modernised" to use C++11 (and up). Elderly compilers such as Visual Studio 2008 will be discontinued.

Top level features:

  1. Modernise the code (drop C++98 support)
  2. BigTiff
  3. CR3

There is a discussion on Redmine of other desirable features: http://dev.exiv2.org/news/3

The Exiv2 Project has many facets including:

  1. User Support (Redmine and GitHub)
  2. Project Management
  3. Build (CMake/conan)
  4. Platform Code (Linux, MacOS-X, msvc, cygwin MinGW/msys2)
  5. Builds Server (Jenkins)
  6. Test Harness
  7. Sample Applications (exiv2.cpp, exifprint.cpp .. 40 samples)
  8. I/O (files, memory, http, https, ftp, sftp, ssh)
  9. Tiff Parser and Exif MakerNotes
  10. Image formats (jpg, png, tiff .. 19 formats)
  11. Video formats (matrovska,asf,quicktime,riff)
  12. Metadata formats (Exif, IPTC, XMP, ICC)
  13. Release Engineering (website, release notes, other documentation)
  14. Localisation
  15. Lens recognition


Updated Oct 17, 2018

Exiv2 v0.27 RC1: October 2018. GM: December 2018.

  1. Security fixes
  2. Bug Fixes
  3. Improved CMake Support
  4. Conan Support
  5. Adobe XMPsdk 2016 support
  6. New python based test suite
  7. AppVeyor, Travis, CodeCov and GitLibs monitor submissions
  8. Support for MinGW/msys2
  9. Jenkins buildserver operates from GitHub
  10. Use of exiv2.org (and Redmine) will be discontinued.

The primary aim of this release is to fix security flaws in the code. This release will get LTS (Long Time Support) and we will have 'dot' releases for v0.27 to fix security issues without adding new features.

Updated: 2018-10-17

1 Current State of Platforms

  1. Linux. Green.
  2. Mac. Green.
  3. MinGW. Green
  • msys/1.0 support was discontinued with Exiv2 v0.26
  • msys/2.0 builds with GCC 7.3.0. Issues with GCC 8.2.0
  1. Cygwin. Green.
  2. MSVC. Green 2005 will be discontinued 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 will be supported

2 Web Site

  1. v0.26 scripts to build the website require work (lashed up to work for v0.26)
  2. Need to generate release notes from Redmine and GitHub
  3. Website will move to exiv2.dyndns.org
  4. Jenkins build scripts are being rewritten.
  5. Redmine will be set as read-only at v0.27GM

3 Jenkins

  1. Building code from GitHub
  2. Still to publish builds for download by users

4 Documentation

  1. We need to review all the documentation for accuracy - especially README.md and README-CONAN.md
  2. Revise documents concerning users linking their own code
  3. Write the release notes (with issues and changes)
  4. Request reviewers for Release Candidates on Facebook and http://discuss.pixls.us

5 License

  1. The Commercial License is no longer supported
  2. All code and documentation licensed under GPLv2
  3. Remove all copyright notices (other than GPLv2)