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XeroChainNode setup guide

Download Raspbian Buster Lite Link

Direct links: Torrent - Https

Unzip the downloaded file, and burn the .img with f.ex Win32 Disk Imager Link

For SSH access without monitor on first boot, include a file called "ssh" in root of the 'boot' partition on the sd-card. The file should contain ONLY ECHO is on. and have NO extention.

With a monitor attached, or with SSH, log with:

User: pi
Password: raspberry

Set root password

sudo -i

Add xero user

adduser xero
adduser xero sudo
su - xero


chmod +x

On the dashboard:

Add your node by entering "1"
Select your type of node from the list (Chain Node) 
Enter port 30305
Paste your private key containing the nodes collateral

Congratulations your node setup is complete.

To check status:

systemctl status xerochainnode

To see your Node ID again:

/usr/sbin/geth --exec "admin.nodeInfo.enode" attach ipc://./$HOME/.xerom/geth.ipc

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