Replaces files with a specified extension with empty "dummy" files.
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Mass Dummy File Creator
by Expack3

What is it?

The Mass Dummy File Creator is a utility for replacing files with empty "dummy" files. The utility can optionally back up any replaced files, and can also restore any files which it backed up.


Windows 8 or higher (program should work with Windows OSes as old as Windows XP)
.NET Framework 4.0 (download from )

Additional Requirements (Source Code Editing and Compiling):
Visual Studio 2010 or later

Operation Instructions:

First, select a folder using the "Select Folder" button. Successful selection will cause a message to appear next to the button.
Second, choose whether you want to create dummy files or restore backups created by this utility.
If you chose to create dummy files, you can do the following:

Third, choose whether you want to create backups of the files to be replaced.
Fourth, enter the extension of the files to be replaced. Don't include a period - this will be included for you automatically.

Finally, click the "Go!" button to commence file replacement/restoration.


1.0 (Initial Version)

*Moved file dummying operation to its own thread.
*Changed fileArray from array to list.
*Created ArrayReduction class, a threaded process which allows for optimization of fileArray's size by returning an array exclusively containing the target file extension. This only runs when the file extension changes or the user switches between modes.
*Changed DummyOps operations to auto-update fileArray based on whether files are being added or removed.
*Added progress text field. It's hidden until dummy files are created, then hides when the operation is completed; however, it changes so fast that it might as well be invisible....

*Added thread checks to ensure dummy creation cannot be done if any threads are still running.
*Added additional in-line documentation