Replaces files with a given extension in a given directory with blank "dummy" file via the Windows command line.
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Mass Dummy File Creator - BAT Edition
by Expack3

What is it?

The Mass Dummy File Creator - BAT Edition is a Windows BAT-based console utiliy for replacing files with empty "dummy" files. The utility can optionally back up any replaced files, and can also restore any files which it backed up.


Windows XP or higher

Operation Instructions:

Use the following syntax:

massdummyfilefinal Drive:Path Extension OperationType

Valid OperationType values are 1 (create dummy files), 2 (backup files) or 3 (restore files).

For example, to back up all files in D:\Program Files(x86)\War&Warlords with the extension .dat, you would input the following:

massdummyfilefinal "D:\Program Files(x86)\War&Warlords" .dat 2

Also, if you want to restore backups made using this utility, you do not need to include the extension. For example:

massdummyfilefinal "D:\Program Files(x86)\War&Warlords" 3


massdummyfilefinal "D:\Program Files(x86)\War&Warlords" .bik 3

will do the exact same thing, with the latter ignoring the given extension.

Known Issues:

*If the file you back up contains multiple extensions, such as test.max.xm, backup will fail such that a new file called test.max will be created.


1.0 (Initial Version)

*Removed @ECHO ON tag from the beginning. This was originally for debugging purposes.
*Changed IF EXIST statement for section Two from checking to see if the original file still exists to whether the file was actually backed up.