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Expertizo RN Kit

⚛️ react-native, expo boilerplate 📦 with 🔥 Firebase & 🔄 react-navigation

Wanting to kickstart your React Native project with Firebase and react-navigation? or tired of implementing simple app flow again and again?

Robust Solution is here 🎉

Key Features

📃 Formik for Creating Forms without Tears 😢 . Login/Singup form implemented for you 😃

🔥 Firebase w/ Facebook, Google and Email/Password Authentication

🔄 react-navigation w/ Auth flow and drawer navigator

ℹ️ Instructions

Plz, try to understand... Boilerplate is not Halwa 🍛

How to Start

  • Clone 🤡 this repository

  • Run yarn or npm install in main direcory

  • Run yarn start or npm start (maybe not works without configurations)


NOTE: Put all configurations/API Keys/ID's in their files in config folder

  • Follow Facebook config instructions here

  • Follow Google config instructions here

  • Follow Firebase 🔥 config instructions here or here

Standalone Build Setup

NOTE: Make sure you've changed your Configurations according to build

  • Follow Build Standalone Guide here
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