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ExpertsInside Feeds

Small node app for fetching and aggregating various feeds (Twitter, Blog, ...) for people working @ExpertsInside. The app is hosted on Azure under the URL and serves as a data backend for our company website.

The app is still under heavy development.

Build Status

Getting started

Install dependencies

npm install

Run Tests with grunt.

grunt test

This runs all unit tests in the project. There is also grunt test:integration which runs the integration tests. These tests require valid Twitter API keys to work (see below) though.

During active development you might want to use grunt watch which runs the test on every filechange

Run the app local

The app requires valid Twitter API keys to work. Since the app only reads the public timeline, any Twitter App works. You can create one here. The following environment variables are used for the keys


Running the app

node server.js

If you have nodemon installed you can also do which restarts the local server on every filechange

nodemon -e js,ls server.js


App is mostly written in LiveScript using async to handle the callback madness, ntwitter for fetching tweets and express for running the app.

Test are written with Mocha using Chai syntax and Sinon spies.