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; Configuration setting for GHI -> JIRA CSV Export
; Github login:
:auth "EMAIL:PASS"
; Project owner and name:
:ghuser "github-user-goes-here"
; Github may requires this in all lower case, even if your project name is mixed case.
:ghproject "project-name-here"
; Maximum number of comments per issue
:maxcmt 25
; JIRA project setting - will be used to convert #123 to ABC-123
; so that source control integration still works.
:jira-project "ABC"
; The issue offset is used when you need to import to an existing JIRA project,
; it is added to the Github issue number. Use 0 if you are starting with an
; empty JIRA project.
:issue-offset 0
; Git base URL - used to translate GHI "referenced" events to
; comments with a URL pointing to the link.
:git-base-url ""
; Translate user names from
{ "GithubUserName1" "JIRAUserName1"
"GithubUserName2" "JIRAUserName2"}
; Ignore mentions of these names (to avoid spurious comments that cannot be attributed).
; An example of this is when there are JSON snippets using @-attributes.
:ignore-mentions #{"timestamp" "host" "Version"}