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  • 1.3.0
  • 2ac661b
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@czirkelbach czirkelbach released this Feb 11, 2019 · 593 commits to master since this release


This is the first stable release after switching to a new technlogy stack im combination with a microservice architecture.


This release is easiliy deployable with Docker and Docker Compose.
In order to deploy this release, please take a look into our latest Quick Start Guide for Users.

More guides and documentation can be found in our Wiki.


  • Employing the JSONAPI specification and implementation for exchanging data with frontend and between services.
  • New Feature: SQL-Viewer - showing monitored SQL-Statements.
  • New Feature: Trace Replayer - showing single steps of monitored Traces within applications.
  • Restructured the project in multiple microservices, which are deployable with Docker.
  • Automated generation of documentation (Javadoc) and publishing to GithubPages.
  • Switched from Maven to Gradle.
  • Updated landscape serialization to current version FST.
  • Minor refactoring and cleanup, especially interface-related.
  • #15 - Removed the container for timestamps.
  • #30 - Tests for auth service.
  • #17 - The DummyExtension now use the backend provider.

Bug fixes

  • #18 - Multiple are now handled as seperate applications.
  • #42 - Use String instead of long for Trace Id.
  • #35 - Roles are now verified when creating new users.
  • #33 - Fixed that created user cannot obtain roles.
  • #34 - Fixed that a list of users does not contain roles.

More information

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