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The Ribbon Cutting Contraption

This is source code for Raspberry Pi + Arduino to make a ribbon-cutting contraption in a very complicated fashion. You'll need the following parts:

  • Arduino (2x)
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Jumper wires, various lengths
  • Office with unused acrylic tube
  • Secret lab with surplus of 8080 extrusions, angle brackets and assorted M8 screws
  • Battery box
  • 8 D cell batteries
  • 4 battery holders
  • Breadboard-friendly toggle switch
  • uBlox SARA N2 module (2x)
  • LTE antenna with uFL connector (2x)
  • Breakout for SARA N2 module (2x)
  • 3D printer, filament (several meters)
  • Toggle switch (2x)
  • Power wire for arduino (2x)
  • RJ45 connectors (4x)
  • Glue (lots)
  • Assorted M3 50mm screws
  • Various connectors
  • Breadboard or perma-proto boards
  • Foamcore pieces
  • NeoPixel strips w/ 20 LEDs (2x)
  • Captive audience for opening
  • Working NB-IoT network
  • Amazon instance
  • Various 2.54mm headers, male and female
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • 4 M8 15mm screws
  • 4 M8 wingnuts
  • 10 m3 10mm screws
  • 10 m3 nuts
  • Big screen
  • HDMI cable
  • IoT lab (to keep captive audience captive)