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Released under Creative Commons for more details read the license.txt file

Explore M3 Arduino Support. To install Arduino IDE Support for Explore M3, check the tutorial below:

Explore M3 is a feature rich ARM Cortex M3 development board. It can help you prototype ideas faster with Arduino and take them beyond, with bare metal programming, RTOS support and lower power modes if need be. We are writing numerous tutorials for programming with Arduino, Bare-Metal and RTOS. Explore M3 will also have a SWD Open Source Debugger(SODA), One Base, a quick prototyping baseboard with numerous peripherals and a ARM Cortex M3 Starter kit.

Thanks to all the backers for supporting the campaign!

The project is documented on The project page describes the objective and goals of Explore M3. The project also has various logs describing the journey of the project!

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