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Affordable, Rugged, Secure and Open Hardware for battery powered connected things with ESP32. Hornbill ESP32 Dev Hornbill is based on ESP32. A single chip solution with dual core high speed processors, numerous peripherals and built in WiFi and Bluetooth (Classic as well as BLE). Hornbill ESP32 Dev board comes with built in single cell LiPo charger.

The project Hornbill will also offer a rugged IP6 water/dust proof case and multipurpose baseboard to build rugged hardware. We will be writing numerous bare metal as well as Arduino tutorials to get you started.

We believe IoT devices need to be more secure and we will work on providing end to end TLS1.2 encryption with major IoT cloud platforms. We will also on top build Open Source IoT frameworks to provide templates to run your own secure servers!

We will be crowdfunding the project soon, signup at crowdsupply to get notified when the project goes live.