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5 September 2013
Changes in systester-log-file-format.patch:
- Fixed a buffer overflow regression in 'ptime' and 'failtime' variables.
- Removed ^M (CR) at the beginning of lines of the log file and CPUPI.DAT.
- Edited the column width of CPUPI.DAT output so that it's readable in
80-character terminals.
- Added line breaks in log file output so that it's readable in 80-character
Changes in systester-cli-changes.patch:
- Fixed a small typo in 'systester-cli -help' text.
- In Lite build, the unnecessary variables are removed in intro().
- The default number of threads is now automatically detected, instead of the
fixed value 1. This applies to CLI build only, and not to GUI or Lite.
- Add bound checks to fix segmentation faults in parsing command-line args.
Changes in systester-column-align.patch:
- On the terminal output, a space is added to the 'OK' string so that the
State column is aligned.
Changes in systester-gui-64-threads.patch:
- Added a dropdown entry in systester GUI that supports 64 threads. This is
the real limit set by systester. For more threads you need to adjust
MAX_THREADS in pi.h, but beware of OS restrictions.