HBase Utilities developed at Explorys Medical
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Apothecary is a suite of HBase related utilities from Explorys

Some highlights of Apothecary are:

  1. An alternative implementation of an InputFormat to allow you to use HBase as a source for mapreduce jobs.
    • Reads directly from on disk storefiles
    • In our testing, > 3 times faster
    • Use responsibly, be aware of the operational constraints
  2. A drop in in-memory replacement for HTable
    • Isolate your unit tests from your datastore without the pain
    • Implements HTableInterface
  3. MapFile.Reader improvements
    • Allows for multithreaded index lookups
    • Isolate all of the Immutable Parameters from the disk operations

Building the project with Maven

  • Check out the project.
  • git clone git@github.com:ExplorysMedical/Apothecary.git
  • Edit the pom.xml to reflect the version of hadoop and hbase you are using. (Tested on CDH3U4)
  • Install to your local repository from the project directory
  • mvn clean install
  • Add the following to your maven project: