A JavaScript wrapper for Z3 containing support for regular expressions & capture groups
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Build Status


A project to try and get Z3 running as a Javascript library. The project exercises a custom Z3 build through the library ref.

NOTE: Z3_PATH environment variable should point to the Z3 .so .dll or .dylib. This dll or dylib file will be automatically created and moved to bin when the library is npm install'd


Used as an npm dependency.

npm install git+ssh://github.com/ExpoSEJS/z3javascript.git

Z3 will be automatically downloaded and built. We require clang to build Z3,

From then, simply point the Z3_PATH environment variable to the generated dll, so, etc using something like Z3_PATH=./node_modules/z3javascript/bin/libz3.dylib node myapplication.js to use your program. View tests for an example.


build-essential, clang (5.0 onward) and Node.js and NPM (Use the latest LTS)