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BIG-IP exporter

Prometheus exporter for BIG-IP statistics. Uses iControl REST API.

Get it

The latest version is 1.0.0. All releases can be found under Releases and docker images are available at Docker Hub(Thanks to 0x46616c6b).


The bigip_exporter is easy to use. Example:

./bigip_exporter <bigip-host> --bigip.port 443 --bigip.username admin --bigip.password admin

Alternatively, passing a configuration file:

./bigip_exporter <bigip-host> --bigip.port 443 --exporter.config my_config_file.yml

Or, using environment variables to pass you parameters

export BE_BIGIP_HOST=<bigip-host>
export BE_BIGIP_PORT=443


The bigip_exporter is also available as a docker image.

docker run -p 9142:9142 expressenab/bigip_exporter <bigip-host> --bigip.port 443 --bigip.username admin --bigip.password admin


Parameters can be passed to the exporter in three different ways. They can be passed using flags, environment variables, a configuration file or a combination of the three. The precedence order is as follows with each item taking precedence over the item below it:

  • flag
  • env
  • config


This application now uses pflag instead of the standard flag library. Therefore all flags now follow the POSIX standard and should be preceeded by --

Flag Description Default
bigip.basic_auth Use HTTP Basic instead of Token for authentication false BIG-IP host localhost
bigip.port BIG-IP port 443
bigip.username BIG-IP username user
bigip.password BIG-IP password pass
exporter.bind_address The address the exporter should bind to All interfaces
exporter.bind_port Which port the exporter should listen on 9142
exporter.partitions A comma separated list containing the partitions that should be exported All partitions
exporter.namespace The namespace used in prometheus labels bigip
exporter.config A path to a yaml configuration file none
exporter.debug Print configuration on startup False

Environment variables

All options available as flags can be passed as environment variables. Below is a table of flag->environment variable mappings

Flag Environment variable
bigip.port BE_BIGIP_PORT
bigip.username BE_BIGIP_USERNAME
bigip.password BE_BIGIP_PASSWORD
exporter.bind_address BE_EXPORTER_BIND_ADDRESS
exporter.bind_port BE_EXPORTER_BIND_PORT
exporter.partitions BE_EXPORTER_PARTITIONS
exporter.namespace BE_EXPORTER_NAMESPACE
exporter.debug BE_EXPORTER_DEBUG

Configuration file

Take a look at this example configuration file

Implemented metrics

  • Virtual Server
  • Rule
  • Pool
  • Node


  • User with read access to iControl REST API

Tested versions of iControl REST API

Currently only version 12.0.0 and 12.1.1 are tested. If you experience any problems with other versions, create an issue explaining the problem and I'll look at it as soon as possible or if you'd like to contribute with a pull request that would be greatly appreciated.


Building locally

This project uses govendor. If you do not already have that installed, take a detour and install that beforehand.

# This assumes that you already have go and govendor installed and $GOPATH configured
go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
govendor build +p

Cross compilation

Go offers possibility to cross compile the application for different use on a different OS and architecture. This is achieved by setting the environment valiables GOOS and GOARCH. If you for example want to build for linux on an amd64 architecture the go build step can be replaced with the following:

GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 govendor build +p

A list of available options for GOOS and GOARCH is available in the documentation

Possible improvements

Gather data in the background

Currently the data is gathered when the /metrics endpoint is called. This causes the request to take about 4-6 seconds before completing. This could be fixed by having a go thread that gathers data at regular intervals and that is returned upon a call to the /metrics endpoint. This would however go against the guidelines.

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