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Cloudmonitor exporter

A Prometheus exporter that gathers Akamai Cloudmonitor statistics.

Akamai Cloudmonitor aggregates client request/responses as JSON data and send them to cloudmonitor_exporter's collector.endpoint. Exporter will parse this and provide metrics on the metrics.endpoint.

Detailed information about cloudmonitor can be found Here


Build Status

Get it

The latest version can be found under Releases.





Flag Description Default
-exporter.address Exporter bind address:port :9143
-exporter.namespace The namespace used in prometheus labels cloudmonitor
-metrics.endpoint Metrics endpoint /metrics
-collector.endpoint Collector endpoint /collector
-collector.accesslog File to store accesslogs to "" off


An basic stack with grafana including the template below/prometheus/haproxy/cloudmonitor_exporter can be executed with docker-compose. Instructions can be found Here

Akamai setup

Information about configuration of akamai properties, can be found Here


When cloudmonitor properties/behaviors are active and data is retrieved we will be able to query prometheus.

alt text


The following Dashboard template, can be imported into grafana to get an basic dashboard.


alt text