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TrackIR for Garry's Mod
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Greetings ! gmcl_TrackIR is a ClientSide Windows module providing a simple interface to TrackIR software (See bellow for the video and to see how it works)

API Features :

-Easy implantation, with examples to show how to convert raw variables to Ingame variables (To Angles() or to°)

-6 DOF API Support (Pitch, Yaw, Roll, X, Y, Z)

-All TrackIR features (not shit) -> Important thing, dependent what you're going to do with TrackIR , you better use different profiles on the trackIR software (Default for FPS/Fight gamemode where you need to aim | Smooth for walking or piloting helicopters/planes -see at the bottom of the thread about WAC support)

Example Features :

-4DOF Support (Pitch Yaw and Roll + lean left or right)

-Angle limit (So you don't break your neck)

-"Nice" angle Limit system, when you turn your head and "hit" the angle limit, the camera movement will not be brutally stopped.

Api guide :

All functions are stored in the TrackIR table after the module got executed

This way :

] lua_run_cl PrintTable(TrackIR)
	Update	=	function: 0x0219b60ac978	
	get_Debug	=	function: 0x0219b60ac9b0
	get_Pitch	=	function: 0x0219b60ac6f8
	get_Roll	=	function: 0x0219b60ac7a0
	get_Status	=	function: 0x0219b60ac878
	get_Ver	=	function: 0x0219b60ac940
	get_X	=	function: 0x0219b60ac730
	get_Y	=	function: 0x0219b60ac840
	get_Yaw	=	function: 0x0219b60ac768
	get_Z	=	function: 0x0219b60ac7d8

Functions returning coordinates : TrackIR.get_X; TrackIR.get_Y; TrackIR.get_Z; TrackIR.get_Pitch; TrackIR.get_Yaw; TrackIR.get_Roll;

Functions returning debug informations : TrackIR.get_Debug -> Returning debug infos , if everything is working it will return raw vars formatted , else a message.

Functions returning informations : TrackIR.get_Ver (Not really tested)

Functions returning .... nothing : TrackIR.Update (Request an update for all the coordinates, run it every time you wanna update the view, you better make what i did in the example)

GLua functions you'll love :

TrackIR_Deg_ToRealDeg -> Convert raw values (from the API) to °

local function map(value, low1, high1, low2, high2)
	return (low2 + (value - low1 ) * ( high2 - low2 ) / (high1 - low1))

local function TrackIR_Deg_ToRealDeg(deg1)
	deg1 = deg1 or 0;
	return map(deg1, -16383, 16383, -180, 180)

**Requirements : **

TrackIR usb Device

TrackIR Software

Windows (I'll see later for OSX and linux support, i need to contact NaturalPoint about that)

Copyright (c) 2006-2019 NaturalPoint Inc. All Rights Reserved

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