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Simple way to grade edX content using api
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Simple way to grade edX content using api


  • add the repo in requirement list and install it: "-e git+"

  • add the application in the lms/envs/ list as "edx_score_grade_api"

  • add the url in the lms/ list as like this:

    urlpatterns += ( url(r'^api/score/', include('edx_score_grade_api.urls')), )


  • the api accepts POST requests in form like this:

URI: /api/score/courses/<course_id>/users/<student_id>/blocks/<block_id>

POST data in JSON: {"grade":99, "max_grade":100, "module_type":"edx_sg_block"}

  • you only need the grade in post data, the max_grade is 100 default and module_type is "edx_sg_block" by default (since this is used in connection with my other repo edx-sga that is changed to be manual placeholder hor score)
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