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Qt application for ExtensiveAutomation


The Qt application client enable to interact with the ExtensiveAutomation server.

Installation from source

The Qt application support both Python 2 and 3. Follow this procedure to execute the application on Windows with Python3.

  1. Clone this repository on your machine

     git clone
  2. Add additional Python packages with the pip command

     py -m pip install pyinstaller pylint pyqt5 qscintilla PyQtWebEngine
  3. Execute the client

     cd extensiveautomation-appclient/

Portable version for Windows

Portable version can be build on Windows. Follow this procedure if you want to.

  1. Go in the folder Scripts/qt5/ and execute the script MakePortable.bat

  2. The output is available in the dist folder

  3. Execute the file ExtensiveAutomationClient.exe to open-it

How to use the client without reverse proxy in front of the server ?

By default, the client is configured to be used with a reverse proxy. It's possible to change that by updating the File\settings.ini as follow:


/!\ Be careful, do not provide the tcp port on the address bar of the client during the connection. If the tcp port is present like that :8081 then the application automatically reconfigure the client in reverse proxy mode.

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