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WEB plugin for ExtensiveAutomation server


This plugin enable to interact with remote web server through the HTTP protocol. This plugin is based on the curl command.

Installing from pypi

  1. Run the following command

     pip install extensiveautomation_plugin_web
  2. Execute the following command to take in account this new plugin

     ./extensiveautomation --reload
  3. If you want some examples, you can take a look to the samples provided in the Samples folder.

Installing from source

  1. Clone the following repository

     git clone
  2. Copy the folder sutadapters to /home/extensiveautomation/ and overwrite-it

     cp -rf sutadapters /home/extensiveautomation/
  3. Copy the folder var to /home/extensiveautomation/ and overwrite-it

     cp -rf var /home/extensiveautomation/
  4. Finally execute the following command to install depandencies

     cd /home/extensiveautomation/
     python --install_adapter WEB
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