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Date: 20/09/2019
What's new
1. (medium): REST API - new method to get listing of all running and waiting tasks
2. (minor): Task manager - test id now defined in a task object
3. (medium): Tasks manager - tasks (running, history and waiting) are now cached in memory
4. (minor): Minor changes in swagger files
5. (medium): REST API - new ressource to remove task from cache
6. (medium): REST API - new function to schedule a task
Issues Fixed
1. (medium): fix to support properly ldap authentication for users
2. (minor): REST API - fix path in test and public repositories to get listing files
3. (medium): fix some bugs and typo error reported by flake
4. (medium): REST API - check syntax for adapter integrated as before
5. (medium): unable to open file if already locked by another user, only with python3
6. (minor): REST API - fix function to follow a test result
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