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How to install and use the source code

  1. Download the latest Minecraft Forge src distribution.
  2. Extract the Forge src zip file, cd inside the extracted Forge src directory, and run the appropriate Gradle commands to setup your dev environment (Help).
  3. Clone this git repo to whatever location you like.
  4. Open the project Gradle generated for you using your IDE of choise.
  5. Link the java and resources folders under src/main in your ExtrabiomesXL local git clone as source folders.
  6. Replace the build.gradle file in your forge src directory root with the one from ExtrabiomesXL. Be sure to copy to the same location as well.

How to build from the source code

If you have Gradle installed on your system, cd to the Forge src directory root, and run the command

gradle build

If you do not have Gradle installed, run the bundled Gradle wrapper which came with Forge by running

gradlew.bat build

On Windows. If you're on Linux/OS X, run

gradlew build

The generated build will be found under build/lib


The ExtrabiomesXL Mod for Minecraft

Extrabiomes XL

Creative Commons License
ExtrabiomesXL by The ExtrabiomesXL Team is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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