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Instructions for inclusion with Rspec #3

brendon opened this Issue Jul 16, 2012 · 5 comments

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brendon commented Jul 16, 2012

Hi there, I feel a bit dense but I'm not sure how to integrate this with Rspec and capybara. The file you mention in your README doesn't exist in my setup :)

Any help would be greatly received :D

@despo despo was assigned Jul 18, 2012
ExtractMethod LTD member
despo commented Jul 18, 2012

Hi @brendon

I use rspec to test prickle, so have a look in the rspec_helper.rb

Let me know if this helps.

ExtractMethod LTD member
despo commented Jul 31, 2012

@brendon prickle supports any Capybara driver and also has usage for selenium popups - in case you change your mind :)

@despo despo closed this Jul 31, 2012
brendon commented Oct 10, 2012

Hi Despo, I'm just revisiting this issue and I can see that you create a new class that you include the capybara dsl and prickle methods into but using capybara with rspec normally doesn't require the use of a special class (i.e. you can just call page.should_not have_content('First Site') and it'll work in a spec. Your tests that you mention use the prickly class instance to encapsulate this a bit.

I've found that including prickle directly in a support file in rspec pollutes the namespace so that ActiveRecord's find_by_name meta-method gets overridden with yours.

How would one extent the capybara dsl with prickle without causing side effects like this?

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