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sonoro1234 and Extrawurst Master160 (#50)
* update imgui submodule
* correct definitions in 1.60
* struct ImGuiIO changes
* more changes
* more enum changes
* update imgui to tag 1.60
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This is a thin c-api wrapper for the excellent C++ intermediate gui imgui. Most of the functions have wrapper counterparts now, missing stuff is added on a as-needed basis (PR welcome). This library is intended as a intermediate layer to be able to use imgui from other languages that can interface with C (like D - see D-binding)


  • currently this wrapper is based on version 1.53 of imgui
  • does not compile with pure C compiler yet (for writing bindings in languages that are able to use C-ABI it is enough though, see D-bindings)


  • clone
  • make using makefile on linux/osx
  • use whatever method is in ImGui c++ namespace in the original imgui.h by prepending ig
  • methods have the same parameter list and return values (where possible)

example bindings based on cimgui