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Open data of public opinion polls and related materials


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ExtremeScan Opinion Polls Open Data

Open data of public opinion polls and related materials.


Welcome to the ExtremeScan data repository!

ExtremeScan is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to deepening the understanding of the opinions and attitudes of people in Russia and Ukraine amidst the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine.

We facilitate collaboration among international group of independent researchers, academics, and experts, all united by our shared commitment to this critical cause.

Our mission is to provide accessible, transparent, and reliable knowledge that serves policymakers, researchers, and analysts.

We aim to foster a nuanced and informed understanding of public sentiment in these pivotal regions during challenging times.

Data Organization

  • data - directory containing project data and related materials.
  • publications - research and analytical reports prepared by ExtremeScan.
Survey data Questionnaire Fieldwork Source Note
RuScan_2023-09_coded.zsav PDF: RU Sep 15 - Sep 25, 2023 ExtremeScan Телефонный CATI-опрос взрослого населения РФ по случайной стратифицированной выборке, репрезентирующий население страны по полу, возрасту и региону проживания. Всего было опрошено 1600 человек.
chronicles_w5_RU.sav May 14 - May 19, 2022 link
chronicles_w4_RU.sav PDF: RU Apr 10 - Apr 14, 2022 link
chronicles_w3_RU_coded.sav PDF: EN / RU Mar 26 - Mar 28, 2022 link
chronicles_w2_RU_coded.sav Mar 10 - Mar 13, 2022 link


Publication Date Topic
#1 Online, PDF: EN / RU 2022-03-07 Russian citizens on the “special military operation”
#2 Online, PDF: EN / RU 2022-03-14 What can be measured under military censorship
#3 Online, PDF: EN / RU 2022-04-02 What the ratings won't tell you
#5 Online, PDF: EN / RU 2022-04-14 Anatomy of Support
#6 Online, PDF: EN / RU 2022-04-14 Respondents' cooperation in surveys on military operations
#7 Online, PDF: EN / RU 2022-05-12 Mirror of the "military operation"
#8 Online, PDF: EN / RU 2022-05-23 Impact of social environment on Russian attitude toward the military actions in Ukraine

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The data in the ExtremeScan Data Repository is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) License.

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Open data of public opinion polls and related materials







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