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name: Citadel
version: 2.0
description: Reinforce your structures!
author: chrisrico, jonnyd (aka Gu3rr1lla)
database: false
    aliases: ctmat
    description: List the possible reinforcement materials, their strengths, and requirements.
    usage: /ctmaterials (or /ctmat)
    aliases: cts
    description: Other than containers and doors, lists the blocks which are securable.
    usage: /ctsecurable (or /cts)
    aliases: ctn
    description: Lists the blocks which may not be reinforced.
    usage: /ctnonreinforceable (or /ctn)
    aliases: ctr
    description: The blocks you interact with will be reinforced with the material in hand.
    usage: /ctreinforce (or /ctr) [security level]
    aliases: ctf
    description: Each placed block is reinforced with the material in hand at the time of the command.
    usage: /ctfortify (or /ctf) [security level]
    aliases: cti
    description: While in this mode, punching a block gives you information about it's reinforcement and security level.
    usage: /ctinfo (or /cti)
    aliases: cto
    description: Turns off reinforcement, fortification, and info mode.
    usage: /ctoff (or /cto)
    aliases: ctb
    description: Toggles bypassing your own reinforcements to break blocks normally.
    usage: /ctbypass (or /ctb)
    aliases: ctpu
    description: The next door/container you interact with will become publicly secured.
    usage: /ctpublic (or /ctpu)
    aliases: ctpr
    description: The next door/container you interact with will become privately secured.
    usage: /ctprivate (or /ctpr)
    aliases: ctg
    description: The next door/container you interact with will become secured to your group.
    usage: /ctgroup (or /ctg) <group-name>
    aliases: ctc
    description: Creates a group.
    usage: /ctcreate (or /ctc) <group-name>
    aliases: ctdel
    description: Deletes a group.
    usage: /ctdelete (or /ctdel) <group-name>
    aliases: ctgs
    description: Lists your groups.
    usage: /ctgroups (or /ctgs)
    aliases: ctm
    description: Lists the players in your group.
    usage: /ctmembers (or /ctm) <group-name>
    aliases: cta
    description: Adds the specified player to your group.
    usage: /ctallow (or /cta) <group-name> <player-name>
    aliases: ctd
    description: Removes the specified player from your group.
    usage: /ctdisallow (or /ctd) <group-name> <player-name>
    aliases: ctv
    description: Displays plugin version.
    usage: /ctversion (or /ctv)
    description: Displays stats.
    usage: /ctstats
    aliases: ctl
    description: Leave a group.
    usage: /ctleave (or /ctl)
    aliases: ctj
    description: Joins a group.
    usage: /ctjoin (or /ctj) <group-name> <password>
    aliases: ctpw
    description: Sets a groups password.
    usage: /ctpassword (or /ctpw) <group-name> <password>
    aliases: ctt
    description: Transfers a group to another player.
    usage: /cttransfer (or /ctt) <group-name> <player-name>
    aliases: ctam
    description: Adds a player as moderator to a group.
    usage: /ctaddmod (or /ctam) <group-name> <player-name>
    aliases: ctrm
    description: Removes a player as moderator from a group.
    usage: /ctremovemod (or /ctrm) <group-name> <player-name>
    aliases: ctmods
    description: Displays moderators of a group.
    usage: /ctmoderators (or /ctmods) <group-name>
    aliases: ctgi
    description: Displays information about a group.
    usage: /ctgroupinfo (or /ctgi) <group-name>
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