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@Exvat Exvat released this May 2, 2019 · 2 commits to switch since this release

Usage instructions

  • By default your Theme Hospital game should be located in /ThemeHospital
  • If you're using an Origin installation copy the Theme Hospital/data/Game folder to the root of your sdcard and name it ThemeHospital
  • If CorsixTH can't find your installation a dialog will appear that allows you to configure a new location
  • Both analogue sticks and the touch screen can be used as a mouse, the right analogue stick allows for more precise movement
  • ZL is mapped to the Right mouse button, ZR to the left mouse button and a press on the left stick to the middle mouse button, the other buttons are mapped to function keys opening various dialogues
  • You can change the button mapping by editing the CorsixTH/Lua/key_mapping.txt file
  • Whenever you need to enter information into a textbox simply left click on the textbox to open the software keyboard
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