A PocketMine-MP plugin that allows you to set different gamemodes for certain worlds
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This handy plugin allows you to set different gamemodes for different worlds in your Pocketmine server! This plugin is very useful to Multi-Gamemode servers and could be an essential plugin for your server

This plugin automatically changes a player's Gamemode to what you set the World Gamemode to, except for the players who are whitelisted for No-Gamemode change (excluding).

It is very simple to use! All you have to do is run a command and sit back & Relax!


Command Description Permission
/wgm Base command wgm.use
/wgm set Sets the gamemode for the world
/wgm exclude Excludes the player from gamemode changes
/wgm include Includes the player in gamemode changes
/wgm version Check the version of the plugin
/wgm check Checks the gamemode and the world of all players online
/wgm gm Display a list of Gamemodes
/wgm update Check for updates
/s Set your gamemode to Survival wgm.survival
/c Set your gamemode to Creative wgm.creative

NOTICE: If you are getting **ArrayOutOfBoundsException: "Undefined index" (E_NOTICE)** errors, it means that you forgot to set the gamemode for the world specified after **undefined index:**. Be sure to set the gamemode of that world with /wgm set!

- This is an official A+Craft plugin!