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QIS Malaria Surveillance (Laos)

The QIS Malaria Case Surveillance application is a simple and elegant open-source mobile application designed to report positive cases of malaria detected throughout Laos in near real-time. The tool is user-friendly and requires little to no technological knowledge. By collecting very basic data points - such as the geographic location, type of malaria detected and age of the client - you will be able to track malaria cases, identify outbreaks and re-direct resources to where they are most needed.

This application is intended to be used by healthcare providers in the field after they have conducted an mRDT test. Once the application is downloaded, no internet connection is needed to access or enter data. A healthcare provider can open the application, complete a simple and highly visual 7 question survey and upload data to DHIS2 once an internet connection is established.

The application is based on the QoC application which allows to issue automatic generated surveys and retrieve and push information to a wide range of platform such as DHIS2 servers.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the initiative in general, improvements, new features or any of the technologies being used. Just drop as a line at and let us know! If you prefer, you can also create a new issue on our GitHub repository. Note that you will have to register and be logged in to GitHub to create a new issue.


This app is compatible with SDK API version 15+.


This app is licensed under GPLv3. Please respect the terms of that license.


Mobile application designed to report cases of malaria (to a DHIS2 server) for Laos (pictureapp blessed repository)




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