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If an user forget to assign the issue, this plugin will auto-assign to the project manager.

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auto assigned user

If an user don’t assign the issue to somebody when the issue is created, this plugin will auto-assign to the project manager.
This plugin is used for our clients who forget to assign a new issue.

How to install ?

Follow the Redmine documentation to install the plugin.

How to use ?

  1. Go to the settings page: /settings/plugin/redmine_auto_assigned_user
  2. Define the project manager role. The first member of this role in your project will be used to assign the issue.
  3. Select the client roles. The plugin fills the assign to field if only the creator of the issue is member in the role list. With this parameter, the support team can create an issue without an assignation.
  4. In each project, assign a project manager and a client role.
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