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Resistance to load_equalizers changes #186

hernando opened this Issue · 6 comments

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hernando Stefan Eilemann Daniel Nachbaur

Some applications may benefit from reusing the same viewport and DB range over several frames so the cost of culling or DB decomposition is amortized over frames. Chaging the load balance at every frame precludes these sort of optimizations.
Ignoring range updates in DB modes is relatively easy, but it becomes harder for viewports because they also involve the projection matrices (an overriding what Equalizer already provides makes no sense).
The feature to implement could be to avoid load balancing changes that imply a small change in total pixel area for 2D or range intervals in DB, where the definition of "small" is an application provided hint (could be a config flag)

Daniel Nachbaur tribal-tec was assigned
Stefan Eilemann

File Format

load_equalizer # adapt 2D tiling or DB range of children
    resistance [ x  y ] # 2D tile minimum change (pixels)
    resistance float # DB minimum change
Stefan Eilemann


ConfigParams hint for auto-config?

Daniel Nachbaur

How about similar API as for freezeLoadbalancing? To be able to change the resistance values during runtime (via the view class). For instance, you might want to lower the resistance value if your are closer with the camera to the model and vice versa.

Stefan Eilemann

On the bike I was thinking about factoring out the LoadEqualizer data part into fabric, and putting this into ConfigParams or View to set these parameters.

Daniel Nachbaur

Will go for Equalizer base class in fabric containing data & operations for all equalizer types. This is then be used by View and ConfigParams.

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Daniel Nachbaur tribal-tec Add load_equalizer resistance feature (Eyescale/Equalizer#186) 6c1ee16
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