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Your toolbox, since the free lunch is over: a C++ library for multi-threaded programming
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Introduction {#Introduction}

Welcome to Lunchbox, a C++ library for multi-threaded programming. Lunchbox was formerly known as eq::base or co::base, the foundation for the Equalizer parallel rendering framework and the Collage network library. It is intended for all application developers creating high-performance multi-threaded programs.

The API documentation can be found on As with any open source project, the available source code, in particular the unit tests provide a reference for developing applications.

Technical questions can be posted to the Equalizer Developer Mailing List, or directly to

Commercial support, custom software development and porting services are available from Eyescale. Please contact for further information.

Features {#Features}

Lunchbox provides the following major features to facilitate the development and deployment of multi-threaded applications:

  • Operating System Abstraction: lunchbox::Atomic, lunchbox::Condition, lunchbox::DSO, @ref bitops "bit operations", lunchbox::daemonize(), (lunchbox::Clock, lunchbox::MemoryMap, lunchbox::PerThread, lunchbox::RNG, lunchbox::Thread)
  • High-Performance Threading Primitives: lunchbox::Buffer, lunchbox::LFQueue, lunchbox::LFVector, lunchbox::Monitor, lunchbox::MTQueue, lunchbox::RequestHandler, lunchbox::SpinLock, (lunchbox::Lock, lunchbox::TimedLock)
  • Utility classes: lunchbox::Any, lunchbox::Log, lunchbox::Pool, lunchbox::UnorderedIntervalSet, lunchbox::Future, lunchbox::PersistentMap, (lunchbox::ScopedMutex)

Building {#Building}

Lunchbox is a cross-platform library, designed to run on any modern operating system, including all Unix variants and the Windows operating system. Lunchbox uses CMake to create a platform-specific build environment. The following platforms and build environments are tested:

  • Linux: Ubuntu 14.04, RHEL 6.6 (Makefile, Ninja)
  • Windows: 7 (Visual Studio 2012)
  • Mac OS X: 10.8 (Makefile, Ninja)
git clone
cd Lunchbox
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
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