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#define S_HOME
#define PAGE About
#define SUBPAGE Scalability: Monitor Equalizer
#define KEYWORDS "dynamic frame resolution, sort-first, sort-last, scalability"
#include "header.shtml"
The <b>Monitor Equalizer</b> allows the observation of another view,
potentially made of multiple segments, in a different channel at a different
resolution. This is typically used to re-use the rendering of a large-scale
display on an operator station.
<div class="center">
<img src="/scalability/images/monitorEqualizer.png"
alt="Monitoring a two-segment PowerWall"></a>
The monitor equalizer adapts the frame zoom of the output frames used to
observe the rendering, depending on the destination channel size. The output
frames are downscaled on the GPU before readback, which results in optimal
The figure above shows a usage of the monitor equalizer. A two-segment display
wall is driven by a separate control station. The rendering happens only on
the display wall, and the control window receives the correctly downscaled
version of the rendering.
<div class="flush_float"></div>
<div class="footnote">
<p>3D model courtesy of <a href="">Cyberware</a>.</p>
#include "footer.shtml"
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