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to easily exploit multi-core architectures.
- An alpha version of Collage is available on
- <a href="">github</a>. The last major
- release was still part of the
- <a href="">Equalizer distribution</a>,
- including <a href="">
- binary packages</a> for various platforms. Please
+ Collage is available on
+ <a href="">github</a>, <a href="">launchpad</a>
+ and as a <a href="">MacPorts
+ package
+ file</a>. <a href="">Version
+ 1.0</a>, released June 2013, provides a stable API for application
+ developers. Please
<a href=" about Collage">contact us</a>
for more information about Collage.
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<li>UDP-based reliable multicast (RSP)</li>
<li>Unidirectional anonymous pipes</li>
<li>Bidirectional named pipes (Windows only)</li>
- <li>Native InfiniBand unicast (RDMA-based, Linux only)</li>
+ <li>Native InfiniBand unicast (RDMA based)</li>
<h3>Peer-to-Peer Communication</h3>
@@ -49,6 +50,7 @@
<li>High-performance packet allocation and thread dispatch</li>
<li>Object-oriented command handler registration</li>
<li>Distributed barriers</li>
+ <li>Endian-safe stream-based communication</a>
<h3>Object-Oriented Serialization</h3>

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