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Eyevinn Channel Engine

Open Source FAST Channel Engine based on VOD2Live technology


Eyevinn Channel Engine is a core component library for creating FAST channels based on VOD2Live technology. Combine this vod2live technology component with your business and scheduling logic to build your very own and unique FAST channel engine.

Please see the Documentation for introductory tutorials and how to get started building your own FAST channel engine.

Screenshot of demo site

A live demo and example is available here:


  • Produce 24/7 HLS live channels based on already transcoded HLS VODs
  • Produce a personalized 24/7 HLS live channel unique for each viewer
  • Mix VOD2Live channel with a "real" live HLS stream
  • Develop adapters to plugin with custom scheduling endpoints
  • And much more!

System Requirements

Supported Node.js Versions

Version Supported
14.x Yes
16.x Yes
18.x No


Follow this tutorial to get started building your own FAST channel engine.


Upgrading from 3.3.x to >= 3.4.x

A breaking change was introduced in v3.4.0 when Typescript types were introduced. The library no longer exports a default. This means that you need to change const ChannelEngine = require('eyevinn-channel-engine') to const { ChannelEngine } = require('eyevinn-channel-engine');


Join our community on Slack where you can post any questions regarding any of our open source projects. Eyevinn's consulting business can also offer you:

  • Further development of this component
  • Customization and integration of this component into your platform
  • Support and maintenance agreement

About Eyevinn Technology

Eyevinn Technology is an independent consultant firm specialized in video and streaming. Independent in a way that we are not commercially tied to any platform or technology vendor. As our way to innovate and push the industry forward we develop proof-of-concepts and tools. The things we learn and the code we write we share with the industry in blogs and by open sourcing the code we have written.

Want to know more about Eyevinn and how it is to work here. Contact us at!