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Automated filesystem selforganisation.
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dropmess is a small python script for automatic filesystem categorization. For example it will turn your messy download directory:

├── backup.tar.gz
├── code.rb
├── document.pdf
├── DSC_0014.JPG
├── DSC_0015.JPG
├── DSC_0016.JPG
├── track01.mp3
├── track02.mp3
├── track03.mp3

into nicely:

├── Compressed
├── Documents
├── Images
├── Music
└── Sources


  • categorize files (and folders) into subdirectories
  • look into compressed files and determine their contents type
  • extract compressed files

  • supported archives: ZIP, RAR, TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2


  1. Get code git://
  2. Customize config.ini
  3. Start with python
  4. Learn more about command line arguments with python -h
  5. (Optional) To run script as daemon install python-daemon
  6. (Optional) Install python module rarfile to support RAR files
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