Restart node script after each change in main script or its dependencies.
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node-Daemon watches your scripts and when you save changes Daemon restarts running script. Here's example:

$ node d.js
Usage: node d.js server.js [params]
$ node d.js server.js
Daemon started.
Press enter anytime to restart script.
Press ctrl+c to exit Daemon.
8 May 13:07:25 - Server listening on port 6669

Now modify and save server.js or any of the require()d files. Daemon reacts instantly:

Restarting script.
8 May 13:12:25 - Server listening on port 6669

How it Works/Limitations

Daemon recursively parses all require()d scripts and adds them to watch list.

It is currently unable to watch dynamically loaded dependencies:

var dep = './csv';

In the above case, changes occuring on csv.js will not cause your script to restart.