Pack and compress client-side source code.
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Pack and compress client-side source code.


  • CSS, JS -- minification and merging files
  • HTML -- minification with proper handling of script and style tags
  • PHP -- same as HTML, but PHP code is left untouched


git clone
cd wecomp
sudo easy_install slimit
for python < 2.7 or < 3.2: sudo easy_install argparse
sudo ./ install

Configure (optional)

By default script uses slimit JavaScript compressor. Optionally you can set it to use Google closure compiler, YUI Compressor or whatever you like. Simply create file ~/.wecomp with contents:

# Google Closure compiler
jscompiler = java -jar $HOME/lib/compiler.jar --compilation_level SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS < %(input)s > %(output)s
# or for YUI
# jscompiler = java -jar $HOME/lib/yuicompressor-2.4.6.jar --type js %(input)s > %(output)s


wecomp [-h] [-o OUTFILE] [-t TYPE] [-f] [-d] [INFILE [INFILE ...]]
  • -h, --help show help message
  • -o OUTFILE, --output OUTFILE output file
  • -t TYPE, --type TYPE force file type
  • -f force compression (ignore file modification time)
  • -d delete source files


  • Compress CSS file, work with stdin & stdout:

    Note: When input stream is stdin then --type parameter must be set.

    wecomp --type css < style.css > style.min.css
    cat style.css | wecomp --type css
    wecomp style.css > style.min.css
  • Compress CSS file, output to file:

    Note: Nothing will be done if output file is newer then input, use -f to ignore check.

    wecomp style.css --output style.min.css
  • Join and compress JS files, output to file:

    wecomp js/* --output main.min.js
  • Compress all templates:

    Note: PHP code will be left untouched, while compressing everything outside.

    for f in `find ./templates/ -name "*php"`; do 
    	wecomp -f $f $f