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Armor IDs

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List of Armors

pl = player armor folder

Armor ID Armor Name Chunk Number
pl001_0000 Leather α + ß Chunk0
pl002_0000 Hunter's α + ß Chunk0
pl003_0000 Bone α + ß Chunk0
pl004_0000 Alloy α + ß Chunk0
pl005_0000 Kestodon α + ß Chunk0
pl006_0000 Gajau α + ß Chunk0
pl007_0000 Vespoid α + ß Chunk0
pl008_0000 Jagras α + ß Chunk0
pl009_0000 Kulu α + ß Chunk0
pl010_0000 Pukei α Chunk0
pl010_0010 Pukei ß Chunk0
pl011_0000 Jyura α + ß Chunk0
pl012_0000 Barroth α + ß Chunk0
pl013_0000 Kadachi α + ß Chunk0
pl014_0000 Chainmail α + ß Chunk0
pl015_0000 Gastodon α + ß Chunk0
pl016_0000 Barnos α + ß Chunk0
pl017_0000 Hornetaur α + ß Chunk0
pl018_0000 Origin Chunk0
pl019_0000 Butterfly α + ß Chunk0
pl020_0000 Anja α Chunk0
pl020_0010 Anja ß Chunk0
pl021_0000 Rathian α Chunk0
pl021_0010 Rathian ß Chunk0
pl021_0100 Rath Heart α Chunk0
pl021_0110 Rath Heart ß Chunk0
pl022_0000 Girros α + ß Chunk0
pl023_0000 Tzitzi α + ß Chunk0
pl024_0000 Lumu α + ß Chunk0
pl025_0000 High Metal α + ß Chunk0
pl026_0000 Death Stench α + ß Chunk0
pl027_0000 Legiana α Chunk0
pl027_0010 Legiana ß Chunk0
pl028_0000 Baan α Chunk0
pl028_0010 Baan ß Chunk0
pl029_0000 Odogaron α Chunk0
pl029_0010 Odogaron ß Chunk0
pl030_0000 Nergigante α Chunk0
pl030_0010 Nergigante ß Chunk0
pl030_0020 Nergigante γ Chunk10
pl031_0000 Ingot α + ß Chunk0
pl032_0000 Vaal Hazak α Chunk0
pl032_0010 Vaal Hazak ß Chunk0
pl032_0020 Vaal Hazak γ Chunk5
pl033_0000 Rathalos α Chunk0
pl033_0010 Rathalos ß Chunk0
pl033_0100 Rath Soul α Chunk0
pl033_0110 Rath Soul ß Chunk0
pl034_0000 Diablos α Chunk0
pl034_0010 Diablos ß Chunk0
pl034_0100 Diablos Nero α Chunk0
pl034_0110 Diablos Nero ß Chunk0
pl035_0000 Kirin α Chunk0
pl035_0010 Kirin ß Chunk0
pl035_0020 Kirin γ Chunk5
pl036_0000 Brigade α + ß Chunk0
pl037_0000 Pulverizing Feather α Chunk0
pl038_0000 Zorah α Chunk0
pl038_0010 Zorah ß Chunk0
pl038_0020 Zorah γ Chunk7
pl039_0000 Dodogama α + ß Chunk0
pl040_0000 Lavasioth α Chunk0
pl040_0010 Lavasioth ß Chunk0
pl041_0000 Uragaan α Chunk0
pl041_0010 Uragaan ß Chunk0
pl042_0000 Bazel α Chunk0
pl042_0010 Bazel ß Chunk0
pl043_0000 Damascus α Chunk0
pl043_0010 Damascus ß Chunk0
pl044_0000 Dober α + ß Chunk0
pl045_0000 Xeno'jiiva α Chunk0
pl045_0010 Xeno'jiiva ß Chunk0
pl045_0020 Xeno'jiiva γ Chunk9
pl046_0000 Teostra α Chunk0
pl046_0010 Teostra ß Chunk0
pl046_0020 Teostra γ Chunk6
pl047_0000 Kushala α Chunk0
pl047_0010 Kushala ß Chunk0
pl047_0020 Kushala γ Chunk7
pl048_0000 Guild Cross α + ß Chunk0
pl049_0000 Kulve Taroth α Chunk4
pl049_0010 Kulve Taroth ß Chunk4
pl049_0020 Kulve Taroth γ Chunk9
pl050_0000 Deviljho α Chunk2
pl050_0010 Deviljho ß Chunk2
pl051_0000 Lunastra α Chunk5
pl051_0010 Lunastra ß Chunk5
pl051_0020 Lunastra γ Chunk7
pl053_0000 Commission α + ß Chunk0
pl054_0000 Skull α Chunk0
pl055_0000 Faux Felyne α Chunk0
pl056_0000 Mosswine Mask α Chunk0
pl056_0010 Mosswine Mask ß Chunk0
pl057_0000 Butterfly/Queen Beetle α + ß Chunk0
pl058_0000 Shamos α + ß Chunk0
pl059_0000 Dragonseal Earrings α Chunk0
pl060_0000 Strategist α Chunk0
pl061_0000 Dragonking α Chunk0
pl062_0000 Shadow Shades α Chunk0
pl063_0000 Sealed Eyepatch α Chunk0
pl064_0000 Wiggler Head α Chunk0
pl065_0000 Kulu-Ya-Ku Head α Chunk0
pl066_0000 Bushi "Sabi" (Layered) Chunk4
pl066_0010 Bushi "Homura" (Layered) Chunk4
pl067_0000 Samurai (Layered) Chunk0
pl071_0000 Dante α Chunk4
pl072_0000 Azure Starlord α Chunk5
pl073_0000 Drachen α Chunk6
pl074_0000 Blossom α Chunk0
pl075_0000 Diver α Chunk3
pl076_0000 Harvest α Chunk0
pl077_0000 Orion α Chunk6
pl078_0000 Gala Chunk7
pl116_0000 Hornetaur (Layered) Chunk7
pl117_0000 Butterfly (Layered) Chunk0
pl118_0000 Witcher armor (Male) Chunk10
pl119_0000 Witcher armor (Female) Chunk10
pl120_0000 Assassin's Creed Bayek Chunk9
pl500_0000 Underwear α Chunk0
pl501_0010 Underwear ß Chunk0

Credit to 6M6D6, Hakim3i, ZephyAlurus and Ezekial


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