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I'm a headhunter or recruiter, looking to find someone for a position involving web dev


We could do with more hands!

  • How do I find someone?

Well, I found this one guy.

  • Who is this? Do they appear to be in the same business?

Seems like the right sort, but...

  • I need someone who can do X and Y while learning Z, is that you?

Sure. You claim lots of things.

  • What kind of evidence do you have?

That's all fine, but we hire based on cultural fit.

  • What do you value?
  • Are you fun to work with?

Eh, could be worth a try.

  • Can I press a button to summon you?



Eevert Saukkokoski, web software craftsman

You're looking for someone to wear many hats.

  • I do web dev and craft software.
  • I design digital services.
  • I facilitate and improve processes.

You're looking for someone to solve problems for you.

  • I love to build reactive and scalable applications with tools like Node.js, CoffeeScript and Scala.
  • I'm keen on applying a service design perspective to creating solutions.
  • I'm a fan of continuous improvement and thinking about ways to do things better.

Job history

Software craftsman @ Futurice 2013

  • IT consultant for medium-sized to large multinational client companies
  • Drafted and led the creation of proposals for client projects
  • Modern web technology specialist
  • Client-facing software development process facilitation

Backbone, Grunt, AngularJS, CoffeeScript, Bootstrap

Software architect @ Valo Electric 2013

  • Part of a small team crafting boutique software
  • Frontend test automation of a business intelligence application for a client in engineering and manufacturing
  • Service design and implementation of a new responsive brand frontpage

Ruby on Rails, AngularJS and CoffeeScript Compass, Susy, Sinatra, BaconJS

Software developer @ Reaktor 2012

  • IT consultant for large domestic and multinational client companies
  • Designed, built and tested front-end web software
  • Made decisions on architecture and technology stack levels

Vagrant Scala, CoffeeScript, Rx.js

Software architect, software developer @ Soprano Brain Alliance 2006-2012

  • Web software architect with many hats in a team of a dozen developers
  • Project work for clients ranging from small US-based startups to large domestic enterprises
  • Organized TDD workshops and presentations on other tech subjects to disseminate information
  • Spearheaded a corporate-endorsed open source code sharing effort to reduce repeated effort and improve company profile internally
  • Was responsible for an in-house application boilerplate used in a multitude of different projects

Zend Framework, Doctrine ORM, PHPUnit, jQuery


Information Networks, Aalto University School of Science, 2008–

  • Multidisciplinary studies including ICT, business and humanities
  • Major in Business Networks
  • Bachelor's thesis on applying software architectural thinking within an agile workflow
  • Served as toastmaster for the Information Networks' student guild, Athene, in 2011-2013


  • Xi project and subprojects
  • Github repos


"Eevert demonstrated solid capabilities in crafting high quality responsive and reactive Javascript-based applications. ... In addition to solid technical skills, Eevert has provided value in project domain by applying his expertise in software development methodologies and facilitation."

"Dedicated ambition and a serious strive towards professionalism ... coupled with a great attitude towards learning and improving."

"Eevert is an innovative software architect with great attention to detail. He does not accept solutions as they are automatically, but has the confidence to challenge and eventually improve them."


I thrive on

  • Feedback
  • Working on new ideas
  • Multidisciplinary environments

I value

  • Flat organizations
  • Flexibility
  • Straightforward communication

Things to know about me

  • I stay active with running, biking, wall climbing, gym and photography.
  • I'm a lover of scifi, board games and singing.
  • I identify as an INTJ on the MBTI personality typology.

So, that's me. Let's talk about us.